Contract Climbing

Trees get big. When you have a big tree that needs pruning, shaping or dropping, it’s best to call in the experts. Arbcon provides contracting services to a wide range of industries.

  • Tree companies – got too much work on, short staffed or need extra specialist skill?
  • Landscapers – got a tree in the wrong place? ?  Tree too large to deal with by yourself safely? Arbcon will deal with it.
  • Garden maintenance companies – get us in to prune the tree shading your client’s house or threatening to fall on the shed.
  • Developers/ building contractors – Need a site cleared, but there are tall trees in the way? Arbcon has the technical knowhow to clear them quickly.
  • Firewood suppliers – We’ll drop those trees in no time so you can get on with making sales.
  • Golf courses + schools – When a tree becomes a hazard we’ll take care of it fast.